Sun Arise

Spring Equinox

EMR celebrates the spring Equinox with the release of her stunning track Sun Arise. The result of the Arts Council Ireland Covid-19 Crisis Response, Sun Arise is an uplifting anthem of hope. EMR has once again pushed the boundaries of her musical production skills with her marriage of ballad rock and strings. The track has earned its place as a finalist in The Great American Song Contest.

Dreamland with Sheafy


EMR's second collaboration Dreamland with Florida rapper Sheafy dropped on all streaming services on Friday the 20th of November 2020. The song tells the story of two lovers who meet in "dreamland", a place where lovers can meet when they close their eyes. 

Sheafy reached out to EMR over Instagram and sent a beat that he bought along with his beautiful vocals and lyrics and asked EMR to get on the track. EMR wrote the third verse following the story line that Sheafy crafted and produced the beat to become an epic track; adding mellotron choir, guitars bass, doubling the beat and mixing.

As contrary as it may seem to the seamless collaboration, Sheafy and EMR have never actually met in real life.


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Christmas Single