From EMR to Dreamer

A new name 05.09.2022

Growing and evolving is an essential element of what it is to be human. And just how Dreamer's tracks are never quite of the same genre and nature, the formerly known EMR has seen it fit to evolve too. Introducing Dreamer.



EMR’s first release since moving to Canada came rather unpredictably and in the form of the much loved song “Vienna” by Billy Joel. “Moving to Canada was overwhelming at times, especially since all of my plans unravelled fairly quickly thanks to a sprained knee and an incredibly slow postal service. One morning was particularly overwhelming, and I listened and cried to Vienna by Billy Joel on repeat as if he were speaking to me. And that’s the power of music. It’s a great message and one that I think a lot of people can connect to, especially these days. So I wanted to pass the message on in a version that I could make my own. While figuring out how I was going to play it, I paused to say “Vienna waits for…. *find the note… you” and then it clicked that I could make the word “you” a key feature in the song, so this relaxed, minimal, experimental kind of thing came about. I managed to do it in a couple of days on a 2013 laptop and that feat alone I believe deserves some recognition, haha!” EMR re-imagines Vienna in a minimal chill-esque vibe, putting her own spin on the classic.

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Earl Grey in October


EMR delves into her folk roots with a rock-flare while exploring the themes of gratitude and nostalgia while she reflects on how far she has come as a musician and person in Ireland before making her big leap across the pond to Canada.

Moon River


EMR shows her love and appreciation for her mam by releasing a favourite cover of hers. Happy Birthday! Xxxx

want to want


Soothing, sultry, and melancholy. Three words to describe EMR's track want to want.

Experimental guitars and sound design blended into a new found production style that focuses on vocals and mid tones. want to want has poetic lyrics and leans into EMR's folk-style of songwriting. It has received positive response since its release in August 2021 including radio play on 98 FM.

EMR Covers Stuck on the Puzzle by Alex Turner

EMR releases a charming video to accompany her stunning stripped back cover of Stuck on the Puzzle by one of her greatest influences Alex Turner. 


Health Ep

Christmas Single