Earl Grey in October


EMR delves into her folk roots with a rock-flare while exploring the themes of gratitude and nostalgia while she reflects on how far she has come as a musician and person in Ireland before making her big leap across the pond to Canada.

Moon River


EMR shows her love and appreciation for her mam by releasing a favourite cover of hers. Happy Birthday! Xxxx

want to want


Soothing, sultry, and melancholy. Three words to describe EMR's track want to want.

Experimental guitars and sound design blended into a new found production style that focuses on vocals and mid tones. want to want has poetic lyrics and leans into EMR's folk-style of songwriting. It has received positive response since its release in August 2021 including radio play on 98 FM.

EMR Covers Stuck on the Puzzle by Alex Turner

EMR releases a charming video to accompany her stunning stripped back cover of Stuck on the Puzzle by one of her greatest influences Alex Turner. 



EMR opens up about about how difficult it is to exist during the pandemic. Online shopping and dissssssss  so cation seem to be common crutches for EMR and her friends getting though this period in time. Her lyricism in Fancy Pants is at times satire to suit this joke of a year. Nodding to her influences in the Australian Indie Folk scene, the production of the guitars and keyboard is dissonant and quirky. Backing vocals with the performance and character of a main vocal line make another appearance here, perhaps becoming a bit of a signature of EMR.

Sun Arise

Spring Equinox

EMR celebrates the spring Equinox with the release of her stunning track Sun Arise. The result of the Arts Council Ireland Covid-19 Crisis Response, Sun Arise is an uplifting anthem of hope. EMR has once again pushed the boundaries of her musical production skills with her marriage of ballad rock and strings. The track has earned its place as a finalist in The Great American Song Contest.


Health Ep

Christmas Single