EMR is an exciting artist to watch”

— The Fingal Arts Council

Great lyrics and great storytelling”

Luke Concannon


EMR is a creative powerhouse who has self-produced and released many tracks through her label "PFP Productions" since October 2018. Each song, she writes, records and mixes herself. She plays every instrument in her tracks and has an artistic eye which helps her with drawing and videography. Never without a new idea, EMR is one to watch.

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'My passion is to create music with an emotional depth that listeners can connect with' - EMR

EMR is a 23-year-old Irish/Canadian singer, songwriter, musician and producer who lives in a seaside town on the coast of Dublin. 

From exploring all kinds of musical genres at a very young age to learning instrumentation and gigging with local bands while growing up, it was a natural progression for EMR to study music in college. She graduated in 2018 with a BA (Hons) degree in music production.

Since then, she has been busy making music in her home studio writing songs, recording and producing.   EMRs music is a poetic journey of the heart.  

Following the start of her career in music production since graduating, EMR has become the recipient of two grants; one from The Arts Council; and the other from Fingal Arts Council and has self-written, produced and released several projects from her home studio including:


Oct 2018 Debut EP ‘The Shades of You’. It was taken down by EMR two years later as a credit to her growing skills in music production, and is to be revisited, improved and re-released at a later time.

Dec 2018 A Christmas single: 'It' Getting Close to Christmas (Old Rouge Fire)'.

Jan 2019: Health: A five song concept EP.

March 2019 Single: Tóg go Réidh Ré; a beautiful translation of her song Easy Does It from the Health EP into the Irish language.

May 2018 Single/Soundrack: It’s Nice to Meet You, written as the main theme song for the Irish short film Holiday Home which received a nomination in the Dublin Short Film and Music Festival.

June 2019 Single: Boy Moon which was supported by EMRs first self-produced video.

Oct 2019 Single: Suit Yourself: a project using a lo-fi production style.

Nov 2019 Single: Rinse & Repeat - an electro-pop song followed by her first full production video. 

Jan 2020 Single: Sad Girls Club, a song that pushes emotional boundaries.

Feb 2020 Single: Closer; followed by her self-produced video

April 2020 Single: Lullaby; an emotionally sensitive song written in support of Covid-19 relief. 

For her birthday, EMR released her fun, easy-going summer track "Anchors Away!" which she wrote one summer's day in 2019 along with a music video she made in her room.

Pretty Boy was released in August of 2020 which featured her first collaborator A Happy Accident.

Just over a month later, 18th of September 2020, she released her dreamy track Black Denim.

Her music is available on all major streaming platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Deezer, Tidal and more.  Her audience continues to grow supported by her live performances and online live streaming. 

“I love music production, the ability to have full control of my music from concept to finished product allows me to express myself fully and truly as an artist.”

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