Dreamer is an exciting artist to watch”

— The Fingal Arts Council


Dreamer is a four-piece indie band made up of life long friends,  hailing from Dublin, Ireland, comprised of Eimear as songwriter, vocalist and guitarist, Jamie on lead guitar, Josh on bass and Alex on drums. Eimear is an award-winning songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer who writes for the band. This project started by Eimear as "EMR" transmuted to "Dreamer" which has now become the four piece that you are seeing today. Jamie studied guitar in BIMM university and has lots of experience playing in various bands. Josh also studied in BIMM, studying the art of rhythm in the course for bass. Alex is a graduate of Pulse College, Windmill Lane. Gifted at drums and piano, his passion flows from every beat. Jamie, Josh and Eimear grew up as friends on a seaside town, and Alex and Eimear met in university. The synergy of this band is contagious and they are always looking forward to their next gig. Follow along! Twitter: emr_creates IG: officialdreamermusic Website: emrcreates.com

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