Dreamer is an exciting artist to watch”

— The Fingal Arts Council


“Music has always been there for me and I want to be that for others”

Formerly known as EMR, Dreamer is a 25-year-old, multi-award winning lyricist/singer/songwriter/ producer/recording and audio engineer, sound designer and multi-instrumentalist with a BA Hons in Music Production and a qualification in audio mastering. She is the recipient of three awards from the Arts Council (2020 and 2021) and placed as a finalist in The Great American Songwriting Contest with her self-produced and released track “Sun Arise”. July 2021, EMR, Tové, Razvan and Calin (The Kryptonite Sparks) named themselves “Dear Elephant” and won The Danube Sounds Contest where they were flown to record their winning song “Smells Like Thunder” and spend time on the A38 Cultural Ship. With an eclectic mix of original acoustic, indie-folk, bedroom pop and adult contemporary tracks, her passion oozes from every note.

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